pintura de bosc de pins 4

  • YEAR: 1987
    DIMENSIONS: 116 x 89 cm
    TECHNICAL: oil on canvas
  • The pine wood is…
    Covered with odoriferous needles, with vegetable forkings, auditorium of myriads of insects, oh, temple of a transience (transience of branches and of skins) whose conservatory-auditorium-props of myriads of insects are sustained by a wood of totally bowed senile masts, lichenous as old Creoles…
    Slow factory of timber, of masts, of poles, of centre-props, of beams.
    Wood without leaves, odoriferous as a redhead’s comb.
    Francis Ponge, ‘The Pinewood Notebook’, 1940.

    The aroma of the whole comes across in certain works of painting. A weak, filtered light (impressionist), incapable of illumining the oil-smeared pines.
    In number 4, a souvenir of a wood in France and Cézanne.

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