Andrés NAGEL


  • YEAR: 1991
    DIMENSIONS: 67 x 46 x 9 cm
    TECHNICAL: mix, oil on poliester, fibre of glass and zinc
  • In Sanksrit, nasa, “nose”, means perfume. The indissoluble link between the nose and perfumes has resulted in perfume-makers being described as composers of “nose”, an appellation which these magicians -capable of identifying and combining in perfect harmony 3.512 smells – unanimously detest! Snout, beak, aquiline nose, Bourbon nose, flattened nose or snub nose, our organ of olfaction, with or without a good sense of smell, lead us where it pleases. It is useless for you to pretend you are unable to smell: when the perfume of a woman wafts over you, mister, you’re lost, or on the way to being: Do not attempt to slam the door in its face or tweak its nose: the perfume will laugh in your teeth and you would take the foolish risk of having happiness disappear from under your very nose. Unless, that is, you adopt the British maxim which advises you to keep your nose clean, and take care not to stick your nose in other’s people’s perfumes, which would be a pity.

    Come on! Don’t make that long face, but dedicate yourself to the pleasure of those fine smells that exist only in order to be breathed in.

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