and yes I said yes I will yes

  • YEAR: 2012
    DIMENSIONS: 36 x 64 cm
    TECHNICAL: oil on glass
    MODE: pintura
  • Acid smell, fruity, warm
    Molecular universe of planets, of galaxies
    Between them the stellar void
    Smell of stars,
    Discontinuous spaces in the fifth dimension
    Individual and partial truths
    Smell of powder
    Sets with numerous intersections and overlaps
    The tree and the sea and the body and the air
    Sensible passion.
    Smells of colours
    Universal and without concept
    The effluvium of time, the structure in motion
    Reasons beyond measure.
    Smell of love
    Fresh, light, powdery, watery blue, seductive
    Savour, joy, spicy pink, crazy vivacity.
    Yes I say yes.
    Smell of the soul
    Combined action of the world and the spirit
    An olfactory form
    There static, here dynamic.

    Ángel Vergara

  • Exhibitions

    Septembrer - December 2014
    - smell of Cerdanyola. Olfactory Perceptions of the colección olorVISUAL
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