de frente y de perfil. vertical y horizontal

  • YEAR: 2015
    DIMENSIONS: 92 x 73 cm
    TECHNICAL: acrylic on jute burlap
    MODE: pintura
  • Hessian is a type of jute fabric that is used for variety of purposes, such as bags, handicrafts, rugs, curtains and even clothing. Hessian is a popular choice of fabric because it is strong and durable. If you have some hessian that starts to smell bad, you should treat the fabric with care. Washing hessian in a washing machine can severely damage it. With a little effort and some mild cleaning products, you should be able to rid your hessian of the unpleasant smell.

    Difficulty level: Easy


    1 Leave the hessian in a well-ventilated place, if possible outdoors, for several hours.

    2 Sprinkle a little baking soda on the hessian and let it stand for one hour.

    3 Shake off the baking soda and check for any lingering smell.

    4 Soak the hessian in white vinegar for 30 minutes if there is still a smell.

    5 Rinse the hessian with water and spread it out to dry.

    Antonio Ballester Moreno

  • Exhibitions

    March - May 2018
    - the need for the infinite. Monochromes in colección olorVISUAL
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