e pur si muove

  • YEAR: 2007
    DIMENSIONS: variables size
    TECHNICAL: video
    EDITION: 1/5 + 2 AP
    DURATION: 69'
    MODE: video
  • There was a faint smell of old snow, the kind that lingers even under a sun that doesn’t hide, or of a freezer that hasn’t been cleaned in a long time; a faint smell of rock or of dry earth, but heavy or compact, that won’t blow away; of a cold lake and a cold wind, free of dust, transparent; something of the smell of my deer, Federico, but very faint, like a background; and a smell of green.
    Carla Zaccagnini

  • Exhibitions

    - screening olfactory
    - what is the smell of an exhibition? A selection of works the olorVISUAL collection
    - reproductibilitat 2.2. colección olorVISUAL
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