ciutat vella: fuego

  • YEAR: 2002
    DIMENSIONS: 105 x 32 x 53cm.
    TECHNICAL: case with system of lamp, mirror and photographs colour Duratrans
    EDITION: only piece
    MODE: fotografia
  • Fire as what emerges from the process of becoming and disappearing.

    In the movement of the gaze through the places of the city the images are stored away in the passages of the memory, until a fire sparked off by the smell of the streets of the city (Barcelona) inundates the image I am observing and this image is reflected in the flames and the recollection burns in my memory.

    Chema Alvargonzález,
    04 2002

  • Exhibitions

    January - May 2018
    - electric and Distant. colección olorVISUAL Contemporary Photography
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