deseos (cintas colgantes de colores)

  • YEAR: 2004
    DIMENSIONS: 150 x 150 cm.
    TECHNICAL: c-print on aluminium, behind plexiglass
    EDITION: 3/8 + 2PA
  • Tsuru

    Little pieces of paper, twisted and turned, becoming birds. Little cranes, one after one are threaded on a string and into line. A perfume of cherry blossom, peace and hope. Coexistence of red, yellow, green, blue, pink, white, lilac, turquoise.
    All that we can see.

    Crane after crane, necklace after necklace, hundreds, thousands transform this
    wall of paper into a sea of birds linking wish after wish. It is said that
    they make them come true.
    All that we can imagine.

    Cranes live for a thousand years, they bring long life, happiness and peace.
    All that we desire.

    (Tsuru means ‘crane’ in Japanese)

    Claudia Terstappen, March 2007

  • Exhibitions

    April - May 2011
    - essential art.
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