• YEAR: 1999
    DIMENSIONS: 110 x 110 cm.
    TECHNICAL: mixed on metallic net
  • SMELL is a picture that sets out to represent smell.

    Smell, together with music, creates sensations that are totally abstract. It seems evident that the representation of these in painting would have to be reflected in abstraction.

    Music and painting are near relations. There is an infinity of musics that make reference to paintings, and an infinity of paintings based on music scores.

    But what about smell and smells?

    By way of some mechanism that And don’t understand, a smell always evokes the image of the thing it comes from, or a sensation of existential recollection.
    The smell of jasmine transmits the image of the jasmine, or of a certain night in a courtyard full of jasmines, and not necessarily of a colour or a form.

    When we see photographs of people clearing away the dead bodies after an earthquake, with masks over their faces, we know from those images that smell is present.
    In view of all this, when and started to think about painting a picture about smell, and came to the conclusion that to be honest with the theme And would have to use a non-abstract medium to represented it, and that at the same time the picture would be abstract. In other words, a contradiction.
    To do this and have resorted to the word ‘smell’ as the most definitive possible. The word is as lost as a tenuous gray cloud. To the right and left of the picture there is a scale of colours that could represent a scale of smells.
    The rest is minute points and tiny that flutter in space, since smell always accompanies both life and death.


  • Exhibitions

    - IMPACT!
    - smell of Málaga. Olfactory Perceptions of the colección olorVISUAL
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