• YEAR: 2008
    DIMENSIONS: variables sizes
    TECHNICAL: dvd pal
    EDITION: 1/50
    DURATION: 6’48’’
  • Smoke is an aerial, atmospheric fiction, an incitement to wander. The rhythm is hypnotic, accompanied by a piece of electronic music. The protagonist is a cloud of smoke that lets itself be carried along by the flow of events. The story is fixed by the treatment, precise, floating on the white background. The drawings of J. H. Fragonard* inspired the first few seconds of the animation, the scene with the smoke merging into the foliage of the tree. Smoke is also the smell of camping in the forest, of sausages grilled over a wood fire, of snow-covered mountains, of polluting factories, of roasting metal, of a cigarette burning down. It’s when I reflect on the sources of inspiration that the precise memory of two olfactory emotions come back to me. The smell of a cigarette in summer when the weather is hot. The day I met a cloud during a walk in the Alps. Curiously, the cloud had a perfume. Fleur Noguera * Les grands cyprés de la Villa d’Este (1760) J.H. Fragonard (Grasse, 1732- Paris, 1806)

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