Frederic AMAT

black still life

  • YEAR: 1989
    DIMENSIONS: 64 x 84cm.
    TECHNICAL: mixed on canvas, wood and pigments
  • Perfume lives throughout the time: it has youth, maturity and old age. Besides, it can only be qualified as successful when it has been giving off its pleasant fragrance with the same intensity during those three different periods of time. As all the important intellectual achievements which do not cast only light but also shadows and cause annoyances and disasters to the human beings besides benefits, Frangipani’s magnificent discovery also had harmful consequences because when man learnt how to condense the essence of flowers, plants, woods and resins in dyes and to keep them in flasks, the art of perfumery started to escape from the hands of the small craftsmen… (Text from Patrick Suskind’s book “The Perfume”)

  • Exhibitions

    Mayo 1997
    - essències2
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