rostro marchito

  • YEAR: 2012
    DIMENSIONS: 90 x 67,5 cm
    TECHNICAL: copy on paper Hahnemühler
    EDITION: PA + (10 + 3 PA)
    MODE: fotografia
  • A still life with a woman’s face.

    A cluster of petals that envelops us in an ephemeral fragrance.

    The olfactory sensation of constant change.

    The transience of beauty and the tension of time …

    An attempt at conservation as if it were alchemy …

    All we have left is the memory of the fragrance of those roses …


    Lola Guerrera


  • Exhibitions

    - smell of Málaga. Olfactory Perceptions of the colección olorVISUAL
    - the lost identity. the face, colección olorVISUAL
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