• YEAR: 1985
    DIMENSIONS: 81 x 100 cm
    TECHNICAL: oil on canvas
  • At the origin of my painting entitled “Glicina” different condensed olfactive sensations are to be and which for me are deeply evocative. The actual theme of this work, I saw in my own street on a wall of some, few now, gardens that still remain in the ancient neighborhood of San Gervasi.

    Years ago, at every springtime, at the time the lilacs bloomed, I was especially attracted to this bit of wall with their flowers. Its very delicate perfume transported me to the garden of my grandmother, to Terrassa, where, when I was very little I went to play with my cousins. Finally, I one day felt the necessity of carrying this sensation to a work. I took the lilacs as the unique theme of the canvas, trying to translate the delicate olfactory sensation by means of color heightening, above all, that which is most ethereal, most subjective and at the same time evocative, of that scent and those memories of my infancy.

    Maria Girona

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