sobre la esencia

  • YEAR: 1988
    DIMENSIONS: 130 x 162 cm.
    TECHNICAL: oil on cloth
  • Intention of weaving, weft, with forms of chemical formulation, alcohol, etc. All of this pressed, as the result of the pressure exercised by the green form. Comparison to a microscopic view. Of the skin Human elements intermixed. Superimposed on vapor derived from natural elements, leaves, plants. Heart, absence of color, transparencies, touches of pinks and pale greens. Insistence on the calligraphy, all of this dominated by the obsession of the idea of the smell
    Smell as the result of this amalgam of elements and their struggle, the pressure and the mixture create the scent, which escapes, as obsessive presence the skin color which configures a central personage that smells and forms part of the smell. The transparency slips away but left behind it is an order-disorder, an edifice, a gaze which has a scent.

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