Zhou TAO

after reality

  • YEAR: 2013
    DIMENSIONS: variables
    TECHNICAL: single channel video hd
    EDITION: 3/6
    DURATION: 14'21''
    MODE: video
  • Finally I got to the exit of the building and went on the street, I turned and looked back, wishing I could re-evaluate the shape of the outer crust that I had just experienced in my lost a moment ago. Immediately doubt popped out in my mind, ‘Could I remember how it looks here? Or the scent inside? My thought slipped into bottom of the valleys one following the other, the interlocking chain of moments, the scent of chasing passed to the tip of tongue, however nothing could be grasped.

    Zhou Tao

  • Exhibitions

    - reproductibilitat 2.2. colección olorVISUAL
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