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olor de viña d’Alella (activities)

  • In relation to the exhibition Olor de viña de Alella [Smell of Alella Vines] we have organized a series of activities for visitors of all ages:

    Aromas workshop for children

    Run by the educationalist and specialist in sensory analysis Elisabet Vidal, an expert in wine marketing and communications

    Guided visit to the exhibition

    Led by Vicenç Altaió

    Premiere of the film Queremos Olor [We Love Smell] by Jesús Etxarte

    Wednesday, October 5, at 8.30 p.m.

    If you can not attend the premiere, there will be another screening at 8.00 p.m. on the Nit de la Pansa Blanca, the Night of the White Grape, which is being celebrated this year on Saturday, October 15.

    Educational program for schools

    Adapted for P4 and P5


    Children in the early years of learning need to find out about the world. We believe that the only way in which we relate to the world is through our senses, and at the same time that every language is a unique way of understanding the world, which is why a vitally important part of the work in Primary education is to teach children how to utilise these languages, which are what enables us to engage with and comprehend the world. Vocabulary and its use is thus a core task.

    Objectives of the workshop visit

    To discover the world through the senses.

    To work on verbal language.

    Adapted for 2º, 3º, 4º and 5º


    After an in-depth study of the Primary School visual arts curriculum of the Catalan Government’s Department of Education, the educational service at Can Manyé works on the principle that children in this stage of learning need to acquire an awareness and understanding of their social and cultural heritage and develop their capacity for non-verbal communication and creativity, and the activities at Can Manyé are oriented in line with these vectors.

    Objectives and methods

    To introduce aspects of the children’s cultural and social heritage.

    To work on and with verbal and non-verbal language.

    To explore and work with creativity.

    To encourage teamwork.

    Adapted for S4


    Despite the efforts of the artistic community to bring art to the public, we are still a long way from achieving this. Contemporary art is often met with distrust and rejection, and the reason is clear: it is not understood.

    This being so, the Can Manyé educational service works to bring children and young people to contemporary art exhibitions and to generate content that will help them to engage with understand what they find there.

    Objectives and methods

    To explain the exhibition Olor de vinya d’Alella [Smell of Alella Vines].

    To present colección olorVisual and Nasevo to school students.

    To provide tools to enable students to engage with contemporary art exhibitions.