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arte esencial

  • essential art


    The workshops accompanying the exhibition ARTE ESENCIAL / ESSENTIAL ART are conceived as a sensorial experience through which to engage with contemporary art, taking into account both the criteria of the collector and the works themselves and the texts which document them. This project is an essential key to understanding the exhibition as a whole and is structured in five core areas from which the olfactory universe – the world of smell – is approached.

    An approach to the olfactory universe:

    – by way of words

    – by way of our own personal memories

    – by way of the olfactory experience of the specially designed palette of scents and aromas

    – by way of the artworks on show in the exhibition and the accompanying texts

    – by way of the creative and fun proposals available to participants

    ESSENTIAL ART is an aesthetic experience in which one of our most neglected senses – smell – is one of our principal allies.

    The workshops are aimed at visitors of all ages, but priority is given to groups of school students and people with disabilities.

    The workshops are presented on both levels, regardless of whether or not the participants are an established group.



    • – Vik Muniz: chocolate
    • – Zush: rose, incense
    • – Ignacio Tovar: patchouli
    • – José Ma. Yturralde: calone (ozone, marine)
    • – Duane Michals: hay
    • – Antonio Sosa: jasmine
    • – Esther Ferrer: amber
    • – Tatsumi Orimoto: bread
    • – Guillermo Pérez Villalta: petitgrain
    • – Denis Hollingsworth: algae
    • – Claudia Terstappen: lily of the valley


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