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the Fragrance of Images_Opelvillen Foundation

  • Educational Programme


    For Kindergartens:

    We offer a one hour-long guided tour through the exhibition. The children explore their sense of smell and get to know the artworks in a playful way. ‘Language training’ for kids from ages 4 to 6.

    A total of nine kindergarten groups have registered for our programme ‘language training’ in the current exhibition. Each group visits the exhibition five times. The kids are here for 1.5 hours and get to know new vocabulary and much more. Each meeting at the exhibition is different. For example, in the first session the children get to know the house and the exhibition. During the second meeting, the focus is on colours and their smells. Being active, discovering stories in pictures, playing with colours and looking very closely are part of the language training. The sense of smell awakens memories and feelings that are particularly strong, which is linked to language training. A colourful creative part completes the program. The pictures from the language trainings display scent mosaics and scent memories, created during the workshop time.


    For Schools:

    For schools we offer a guided tour with a workshop. After experiencing the exhibition, the creative workshop ‘fragrances and landscapes’ starts. In the creative part, odours are explored. Afterwards landscapes inspired by the scents are created. The children paint the landscape that comes with them to the scent. For example, the cinnamon scent was painted as a woody Christmas landscape and the orange scent as a summer holiday scenery.


    In cooperation with a primary school in Rüsselheim:

    Kinderlotsen –Kids guiding adults through the exhibition.

    In cooperation with a primary school in Rüsselsheim, kids explore the exhibition and choose their favourite artwork. By interacting with their favourite work of art pictures, sculptures and films are created. The planned tour for parents and teachers is an absolute highlight for the young students. The centre of the upcoming programme will be smell and memory. The kids are create paintings with the smells of various herbs, hanging sculptures, soap sculptures and a short film about how a cock walked into the exhibition.

    Students working together with children to develop an interactive tour

    A group of students from the Goethe-University Frankfurt visits the exhibition in order to be able to plan a guided tour of the exhibition together with primary school pupils from Rüsselsheim. The tour is organized one of the school’s teachers and is scheduled for 13th December 2018.


    For adults:

    On 3rd October 2018 a special highlight was the ‘Olor Guided Tour – International’ through the current exhibition. Guests were invited to bring their own fragrance. The smells brought along were the occasion for a stimulating conversation about memories, art and smell. Eighteen people took part in the special tour. The fragrances they brought with them ranged from the smell of coffee to a Jaguar perfume in a fine bottle and sparked interesting conversations.

    For seniors with dementia:

    Beginning in a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere with coffee and cookies, this guided tour is specially conceptualized for people with dementia. The sense of smell is closely linked to feelings and memories and invites us into a world of memory that wants to be discovered. Through active involvement, appropriate language and barrier-free access, the guide takes special account of the needs of elderly guests. In the photos group from Frankfurt visits the exhibition with their helpers.





    Photos: Simon Hartmann