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fell the infinite: wine and color. sensorial analysis workshop

  • Sensory perception allows us to relate to our environment through the senses. Almost unconsciously we perform a sensory analysis “catamos” when we contemplate a landscape, enjoy a painting, a symphony or value a wine. The sense of sight gives us a first impression of what surrounds us, and among the attributes that we can visually perceive, color will provide us with valuable information. In this workshop we will evaluate different wines based on their color, which we will relate to other olfactory, gustatory or tactile characteristics of the same and with the grape varieties or the techniques used in their elaboration.

    The tasting does not stop being an analytical method that gives us information that, when processed by our brain, helps us to know or “feel”. Just as the contemplation of “La necesidad de lo infinito” will produce different sensations, often related to the chromatic component of each work exhibited, we will try to convey the sensations that wines give us based on their color, and we will even propose let our mind free to seek more subtle and spiritual relationships between wines and art.

    Place. Edificio Centro de Iniciativas Culturales (CICUS) – see map – see web

    Duration. 3 hours

    Direction. Luis Rafael Mendez Rodriguez – Director General Culture and Heritage – University of Seville

    Training. Santiago Alonso Bosch – Enologist, taster, specialized in training of tasters / Emilia Bejines Mejías – Enologist

    Price. 10.00 € – Students/PDI/PAS University of Seville: 5.00 €