Stephen DEAN

fever (tsukiji market)

  • YEAR: 2002
    DIMENSIONS: 32 x 32 cm
    TECHNICAL: framed microvideo
    EDITION: 3/5
    DURATION: 1´30´´ loop
  • Appearance fades away. The three silhouettes expand and morph into each other. The contours of reality become a fluid mass. The anonymous and almost abstract vision is structured only by repetitive gestures. Macabre yet colourful, this mechanical ballet exuberantly expresses our most invisible inner selves. Three fishermen unload and kill thousands of small tunas in the Tsukiji market in Tokyo. None of this information is available as the lens only focuses on the thermal diffusion of energy. Paradoxically the strongest physical evidence which remains could be the presence of the nearby body of water, the distinctive scent of the river.

    Stephen Dean

  • Exhibitions

    Mayo - Septiembre 2011
    - Smell colour. Chemistry, art and education