Olfactory Collaborations. Chemistry in the Service of Art




When a perfumer composes a formula, this is based not only on a sensation, but also on the memory of sensations, on abstractions. When an artist creates a work, he or she does the same and in this case the formula is the colours of the palette. Over the years we have collaborated in artist’s projects with Francesca Llopis, Eugenio Ampudia, the Democracia group, Evru, and
Antoni Muntadas, among others. The artists explain their ideas to the scientist of smell and he interprets the visual work in terms of the olfactory realm. Although it is not easy to create the essence that the artist has in mind, the perfumer mixes a series of small doses and goes
about composing the olfactory chord that will give the final result: a harmony of aromas, the visual artwork made essence.

Francesca-Llopis Democracia_1 Antoni_Muntades