Odour/Colour. The Visual and the Olfactory Unite

Ernesto Ventós is a creator of essences. The sense of smell is the tool he works with. But why look at artworks through this sense? Like the visual artist, the perfumer has to conjugate a wide range of materials to create his essences. The image of the work suggests a scent, which
he immediately connects to the memory of a particular moment. The sense of smell activates an area of the subconscious related to our emotions in a much more potent way than other senses such as sight or hearing. The works that make up the Colección olorVISUAL are very closely related to the collector in a personal, emotional
way. The theme of the collection is the sense of smell and the capacity of the artworks to awaken a memory.

In 2002, Ernesto Ventós set out on the path of artistic creation. Under the name of NASEVO he invented noses in a variety of shapes, colours, materials and techniques: no more and no less than a homage to the tools of his craft and the organ that connects it to reality, and also to his memories, his experiences and, of course, to art.