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When we are born, all of our senses start to function, and it is largely through the sense of smell that we discover the world around us, as we identify and recognize the distinctive scents of mother, of food, of home… The fact is that olfactory perception plays a vital part in our development.

But this sense, which is so important in our early years, is gradually eclipsed as we get older. It is here that the collection — the collector — steps in to rescue it from oblivion as the mediating element in our engagement with contemporary art. The special olfactory workshops, olfactory screenings and olfactory experiences are always key activities in all of the exhibitions organized by the collection. In a lively, engaging way they explain the essential role this sense plays in our lives, at the same time contributing to the olfactory education of children and adults. Because it’s all about using our noses in order to see, to understand the world around us better and more fully.