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the fragrance of images_Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst

  • The focus of the art education program during the exhibition „olorVISUAL“ will lie on the variety of senses (especially the smell in combination of seeing, touching, listening and tasting) and the ability to use these to discover modern and contemporary art as well as the surroundings in daily life.

    The Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst is known for combining multiple forms and methods in mediating art and addressing to different audiences (adults, children, teenagers, students, handicapped persons).

    The art education team uses classical forms of art education like for instance

    – guided tours,

    – talks

    – presentations / lectures

    – workshops

    – catalogues /information text

    which are always customized to the art pieces in the show or the overall topic. Additionally, the team designs special offers for the exhibition project like in the case of „olorVISUAL“. We work for instance on the following specific ideas:

    – guided tours (After works, art’s breakfast club, lunchbreak in the museum, that combine eat & art (spanish inspired finger food, tapas, palindromic menus)

    – a guided tour for (art) lovers on Valentine’s Day

    – a workshop on producing fragrances in cooperation with a parfumeur from „Parfum Akademie Bremen“

    – a lecture on collecting art by Peter Friese, former director of European’s First Collector’s Museum Weserburg, Bremen

    – a guided tour in sign language for deaf people and persons with hearing impairments as well as other people

    – a dialogue between a local sauna master and a art historian on the wellness benefits of refreshing the senses by smelling and seeing art

    – a reading of poems in castellano, català and german with Ignacio Martínez from Instituto Cervantes Bremen and others in the exhibition space

    – presentation: How does smell work with animals? An event with trail- and tracker dogs for adults and children

    – Workshops for children: how to produce smelling paintings?

    – Workshop for children: how to create a 4D-piece of art?

    – Workshops for children: smell’n’touch boxes

    – Workshops for teenagers on smell mapping of the City, on individual soap making according to art pieces and spanish conversation classes in the exhibition.

    – A report by a local parfumeur: How does smelling work? How can fragrances be produced artificially? Dream job parfumeur?

    A special focus will also lie on our newly established „dye-plant garden“in the courtyard of the Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst. Here, children and teenagers plant and grow plants and fruits to produce natural dying colours such as red cabbage, madder, beetroot and nettles. Next year the museum children will plant especially those plants that have next to their dyeing qualities also fascinating scents and aromas. With groups from the Albertushof for handicapped persons as from the School „Schule an der Karlsstraße“ and „Gymnasium an der Willmsstraße“ the students work on different topics developed from the exhibition.