la flor precipitada

  • YEAR: 1995-1996
    DIMENSIONS: 70 x 70 cm
    TECHNICAL: mix on canvas
  • The precipitated flower

    “Indeed, how better than before a flower, so sweet in its unconsciousness, and not so much in its perfume as because its silent, could you conceive of the revelation of a virgin soul?”

    (Text taken from The book of tea by Okakura Kakuzo)

    Sweet smell of a white view, dazzling, smell of spring, vision of power and energy. White! The total color, exact and unique. Beside it, blue, the water of the historic and civilized sea.

    The tree with the Mediterranean spirit, twisted, strong and sweet, disguised as spring, sudden spring, ephemeral disguise; principal motif of a sensual, vital and dramatic landscape.

    This sweet smell by the water’s edge; this light that blinds the soul and this vital and ancient fruit. Precipitated flower. The white light of the almond tree.

    Albert Viladrosa
    February 1997

  • Exhibitions

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