Almudena LOBERA

la región de lo posible

  • YEAR: 2013
    DIMENSIONS: variables
    TECHNICAL: 12 framed photographs, A4 wood sculpture and photograph, A4 sheet with text and small crystals with photograph
    MODE: instalacion
  • “Places generate space, and space is the region of the possible”

    [Introduction. Catalogue for Documenta 13, The Guidebook 3/3]

    Rotterdam, August 2013

    Sunny summer day. Twenty-five degrees. A garden framed by a façade without a building allows me to conceive the exterior space of my artistic residence as a place of exhibition. The experience of the picture-viewer arises by chance, outside of the conventional exhibition context. A window with no glass acts as a living picture in front of my eyes. The image I see is not an illusion; the illusion is my presence. According to the theories of Physics, by the very act of observing something we are already modifying it. My perception of space alters its state of reality. The void of the broken glass and the volume that encloses the image shift the air and the smell, which, like our gaze, can expand beyond the surface.

    Almudena Lobera


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    - electric and Distant. colección olorVISUAL Contemporary Photography