• YEAR: 1989/1993
    DIMENSIONS: 130 x 102 x 8cm.
    TECHNICAL: relief - mixed on wood
  • The odor of pine, radiant disorder that multiplies pine groves and expands the coast, is a grandiose vibration of wood and of pigment; but the visionary impulse of the green flora is stamped on a solid body: the resin, incision of the pine or industrial product. The feeding odor of pine destabilizes the trunk and belies its terrestrial quietude, till it thickens among a thousand layers of translucent resin: the resin imposes silence on the wood and on the green, but it encloses immortality. The odor of the pine, weakness of the root, and the inciting and ardent boiling over of its green needles. Shipwrecks in a viscous instant: the constructing resin of dense balsamic realities and polished sources.

    Xesca Ensenyat

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