• YEAR: 2011
    DIMENSIONS: variables size
    TECHNICAL: animation movie
    EDITION: 1/7
    DURATION: 9’17"
  • The Scent of de Garden of Eden
    Scent is the most delicate, most immaterial of all stimuli affecting our senses. Scent is the envoy of an entirely different, ethereal dimension. A delicate scent tunes our hearts to delicate feelings and prompts our minds to exalted thoughts. They say that at the highest grades of self-realization the yogi sense a scent of roses sweet beyond imagination, as if they were smelling the flowers of the heavenly Garden of the Eden.
    The Unfolding film is in truth a messenger from another world. Through a series of successive gates opening and veils lifted, it points out the way towards new internal dimensions saturated with light and delicate energies, expressing faith in the possibility of creating the earthly Eden within ourselves.
    Andrea Bátorfi

  • Exhibitions

    - screening olfactory
    - what is the smell of an exhibition? A selection of works the olorVISUAL collection
    - mini-screening olfativo
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