used news

  • YEAR: 2008
    DIMENSIONS: 120 x 28 x 30 cm
    TECHNICAL: madera, metal y acrílico
    MODE: escultura
  • “The Smell of Tomorrow

    Used news will smell like a windowless, dusty waiting room, with some broken furniture, books and papers on the table, dead computers on the floor. From behind a wall comes the muffled sound of a radio mumbling about hurricanes, elections, Wall Street numbers, melting ice, football victories, oil prices, Hollywood gossip, forest fires, horsemeat, corrupted clowns and lost alpinists. An earthy scent of forgotten events and faraway travels will fill the space.”

    Andrei Roiter

  • Exhibitions

    - SINESTESIA. colección olorVISUAL
    - the fragrance of images
    - the fragrance of images (touring exhibition)