• YEAR: 2007
    DIMENSIONS: 120 x 100 cm
    TECHNICAL: c-print
    EDITION: 5/6
    MODE: fotografia
  • A little fire is quickly trodden out;

    Which, being suffer’d, rivers cannot quench.

    William Shakespeare, Henry VI, part 3

    A forest with a bonfire at dusk The crown of flames with its white core is set against the intense dark blue sky, and sends out light, heat and odour. However, what makes the dry branches burn, also gives the night an ambivalent quality. The carefully framed paintings and photographs that make up Anett Stuth’s Fire are reduced to ashes, so to speak.

    The collage photographs mounted by Anett Stuth, use reference to history, the history of film, art or photography to open other rooms, other perspectives, other sensations. Past and present come together in enigmatic relationships that we have never previously thought of, bring us, through olfactory memories, into lived, imagined moments …

    What can a picture transmit given the ubiquity of image today? How can it affect us? From the fires in Fire there rises a symbol stands against forgetfulness, it helps us to awaken our olfactory memory ….

    Michaela Nolte

  • Exhibitions

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