desazón de vagabundos

  • YEAR: 1996
    DIMENSIONS: 88,5 x 80 cm
    TECHNICAL: mix on carton and wood
  • Amongst the forces of nature there is one whose power, although recognized, has always been mysterious and linked to man: the night.

    If during the daytime the sight is triumphant, at night the sense of smell is supreme. It is as if during the long hours when shadows reign our nose acquires, like the noses of certain small nocturnal animals, all of its acuteness, amplitude and power of analysis, and can detect with a much finer discrimination the subtle smells of bodies, plants, animals and the living world.

    But the night also has its perfume. If for Aragon the night had the perfume of a “great nocturnal cyclamen”, Colette had the sensation that “an invisible gardenia, feverish and white, opens its petals in the darkness”.

    From the “Dictionnaire du langage parfumé” pag. 139

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