Antoni LLENA

la pols

  • YEAR: 1989
    DIMENSIONS: 75 x 75 cm
    TECHNICAL: paper
    MODE: collage
  • It is the smell of the universe.
    The smell of everything that has been and will be.
    It is also a certain tingling in the nose…

    Antoni LLena

  • Exhibitions

    - essències
    - esencias7
  • disparo de flor

  • YEAR: 1992
    DIMENSIONS: 55 x 15,5 x 26 cm
    TECHNICAL: mixed (acrylic, paper, wood, typewriter ribbon)
    MODE: escultura
  • There are smells that not even imagination entitles us to enjoy… What is a shot of flower? The dream of a seed? Has a desire a smell? There are artists who try to say what they still do not know…

    Antoni Llena

  • Exhibitions

    - Smell colour. Chemistry, art and education
    - the fragrance of images
    - the fragrance of images (touring exhibition)