olor a mar

  • YEAR: 1987
    DIMENSIONS: 60 x 74 cm.
    TECHNICAL: oil
  • Painters sometimes justify or attempt to give reasons for the images that appear in their paintings, using icons or beings borrowed from the myths we have been inventing since the Dawn of Time, as when our philosopher-cum-visionary RAIMON LLULL in The Book of Contemplation personifies the three powers of the soul as three noble and beautiful women and describes their operations in the following terms: ‘The first remembers what the second understands and the third wants. The second understands what the first remembers and the third wants. The third wants what the first remembers and the second understands.’ This interwoven relationship between memory (MNEMOSYNE), knowledge and will motivated a long period of work devoted to the Three Graces.

    Mythological or allegorical beings make numerous appearances in my paintings, and other times I like to speculate (in the artistic expressive sense) with the ideas of night, silence, stillness or quiescence or struggle and even fighting and breaking up ————–

    In the work owned by Mr Ventós, which I titled at the time Voluptas and Night, well you can project other intentions that are in no way foreign to the reality of my feeling when I made it …—————–
    Silence, (smell of the SEA), fragrance of sea rock — metaphysical perfume!
    … I paint by the sea…. how fortunate I am….!!

    Antoni Pitxot

  • Exhibitions

    - smell of Cadaqués. Olfactory perceptions of the olorVISUAL collection