lovely slang I

  • YEAR: 1998
    DIMENSIONS: 92 x 69 cm.
    TECHNICAL: mixed on cloth and glass
    MODE: pintura
  • These paintings belong to the genre that takes up the lowest rank among the traditional genres of painting. The most home-loving and affected: the still life. However, the still life object is a domestic and often movingly heroic trophy. But there is a disorder here, a pictorial or representation disorder. The painting represents a recipient, a container of liquids and that recipient in its turn has turned into liquid. Are we before a representation of the recipient liquefaction or before the literal liquefaction of the own representation… or before a representation of the liquefaction representation? According to modern art canons, in any case the represented object has become somehow literal, has turned into a painting. But this literal substance is in fact more and more pictorial, increasingly hysterical and virtual. The geometrical plane on which everything rests is also distorted to make up both a spatial location of the trophy as well as one of the material sources of the iconic disorder. The entire image is confined -kept at a distance- behind a glass layer, a surface reflective as a mirror The disturbance has been processed. It takes place in the distance. Literal turned into pictorial and pictorial turned into literal are the target of a supervened pictorially -a remoteness- provided by the glass.
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