quina és la olor de la llum?

  • YEAR: 1993-1994
    DIMENSIONS: 100 x 100 cm
    TECHNICAL: oil
  • The valley is quite close to that place, of the gleaming crops of the greens of the olive tree, the almond, the walnut. A labyrinth of smells, a peacefulness of memories of perfumes of bonfires of another time: eloquent essences. The kind of wayfarers that survive there are signs of the time that ooze aromatic saps and are inscribed in this landscape with aerial roots that seek the smell of the light. And what is the smell of the light? It is the smell of the memories laid down like sediments, personal and non-transferrable.

    Benet Rossell

  • Exhibitions

    - essències
  • mil a Miró

  • YEAR: 1993-2009
    DIMENSIONS: variables size
    TECHNICAL: video + 100 captures
    EDITION: 2/8
    DURATION: 16’ 36’’
  • Text for the collection olorVISUAL A thousand images with a trilingual poetic text, taken from the video 1000 to Miró, which I made in 1993 to mark the centenary of the artist’s birth of the, Miró Year, the negative of a non-existent story board that I decided to name story abroad, offer another record of the narrative, or perhaps an alternative non-narrative that shows the closest and most confident version. Among the new additions are the text, a poem-river of 1000 lines in trilingual version, conceived for this edition; the materialization of the virtual image, created with pixels instead of ink, imperceptible to the rules of filmmaking that impose their optical servitudes; the incorporation of ink the progenitor of art, and of smell, suggested by the explosion of shapes and colours: the wet grass that awakens with bell chimes, the perfume of frost and ice of an initial landscape, the cleanness of the white figures that stand out in the dark, the sea subject of jellyfish, the acid touch of early pomegranate rain and the candied sweetness of tropical fruits yet to be discovered, the cheap intensity of the line of the tanguero, the sweat in the stadium stands, the full olfactory range of the imaginary cosmos, and the stale smell of the shipwreck… 1000 to Miró is a patient work, which requires a slow, intimate observation, like consulting a source in the Library of Alexandria, where every text, every plate, every page, one beside the other, transforms the space into a new landscape, active and heterodox. Benet Rossell Barcelona, 2010

  • Exhibitions

    - olorVISUAL en Microwave
    - what is the smell of an exhibition? A selection of works the olorVISUAL collection
    - olfactory mini-screening. Chocolate Birds