Bruno OLLÉ


  • YEAR: 2014
    DIMENSIONS: 153 x 118 cm
    TECHNICAL: mixed on metal
    MODE: pintura
  • A slant smell of past and present.

    A smell that loses its essence.  Smells from white to black, to grey. Medium greys, bluish greys. lead greys. Greys that darken and lighten. Whites that break up.
    Blacks that stain the white.

    A smell of chemicals, metals and starch. Aromas of childhood labelled in Pantone colours. Essences organised and reorganised a thousand times. Scents that fly. Fans that spread the air and turn it into wind, a wind that carries scents. Air that gathers scents together, transported by the wind.

    Scents that bite. Scents that see. Emanations of oxides and past.
    A hundred-times-tried-to-remember scents. To smell. To smell now, to clash with memory. Recollections and memories of oblivion. Smells from the past, transient smells.

    The essence of painting, light, colours, whites, greys and blacks. The light exposes white shades that darken to black. Grey shades that partially emerge.

    Black on white analytically writes down not the past as it was, but an rough sketch of what might have been.
    The full range of light. Everything in so little. To compose. To compose pigmented densities. Alien hands. Colour essences. Colour. Smell.

    Bruno Ollé

  • Exhibitions

    - hipocamps