el jardín secreto

  • YEAR: 1998
    DIMENSIONS: Cuerpo I (rojo) 66 x 37 x 5 cm.; Cuerpo II (blanco) diámetro 41 cm.; Cuerpo III (azul) 135 x 11 x 8,4 cm.; Cuerpo IV (negro) 50 x 27 x 7,4 cm.
    TECHNICAL: mixed cloth, wood and pigment
  • The vegetation grows,
    wild it spreads
    through the air,
    it seeks that atmosphere
    that makes it breathable.

    Colors give off fragrances,
    just as flowers do:
    white smell of the void,
    black smells of solitude,
    the presence of blue
    is the freedom of dreams,
    red smells of passion,
    of rose petals,
    of inconfessable desires.

    The body remembers the perfume
    of the life,
    and smell to paradise,
    as the most secret garden.

    Carmen Anzano

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