Christian SERY

master strip green

  • YEAR: 2000-2001
    DIMENSIONS: 90 x 15 x 60 cm
    TECHNICAL: pigment on ruben and frame
  • Text for the collection Olor Visual

    Smells ./. Memories ./. Images

    Memory of the present
    (in memory of the present of that time)

    Smell – smells
    Memory – memories
    Smells recall
    Smells form images
    Olfactory memory
    Smells evoke images
    Smell / image
    The images produce the smells of the memory of past eras
    Smells of now and of yesterday are embodied in images and imaginations
    Smells provoke fantasies
    Images are associated with smells
    Smells are associated with images
    The past becomes the present and the present is at the same time past
    Smells recall memories
    In recalling memories, memories recall smells
    Smells recall the circumstances of the images
    In memory of images and imaginations, images and fragments
    Smells evoke fantasies bursting with imagination
    Images evoke fantasies in the imagination that convey smells
    Smells are as sticky as they are volatile
    Smells are like putty, they join the past and today
    Smells are united with images, in the mind they recall
    The memory of
    The then recorded in the memory with smells in relation to… images
    The then recorded in the memory with images in relation to… smells
    The today marked by smells in relation to the past
    The today marked with images in relation to the past
    In memory of the present of that time
    Smell and images of a much earlier time recovered in the current time
    The now that makes us miss and long for the past
    causing the smell and the images of very ancient times to return to the present
    The now that the past yearns for
    though the past silences the present
    In the now there emerges a moment of smell that launches us back into the past; when the moment reappears an association is manifested in the image
    The now is manifested in the moment of yesterday
    Once the smell is lost the image too is lost
    manifested in the sense of being

    from Christian (Sery)

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