she (elle)

  • YEAR: 1988
    DIMENSIONS: 105 x 105 cm
    TECHNICAL: painting and collage on carbon paper
    MODE: pintura
  • Drawing Upside Down


    Buy a pack of dark black copy paper. Meticulously lay out the A4 sheets to form a roughly square surface. Repeat the action layer upon layer until it looks like a geometric blackboard. Turn it over. Draw blind on a back-to-front blackboard. Discard the drawings and keep the surface. Then draw on the squared blackboard until this summons up other objects. Note for example the moment when the boat in a family photo collides with a cardboard seashell. Rub out all the ideas, cover them up and try again. Move around until the black square looks dry and everything is in place. Draw as you think. Don’t rub out.

    You ask me if this process has a smell? Having thought about it, I believe it does.

    Jordi Colomer

  • Exhibitions

    - smell of Málaga. Olfactory Perceptions of the colección olorVISUAL