• YEAR: 1987
    DIMENSIONS: 95 x 35 x 15 cm
    TECHNICAL: iron, concrete and glass (relief mural)
    EDITION: unique
    MODE: escultura
  • Any space to be occupied looks like an empty studio.

    From its origin, a piece, in order to be complete, needs a closeness, a distance from the corner.

    The attitude would be to invent an image that existed (that was) solely (and also) for that corner.

    A piece, some pieces need to be understood from certain places.

    They demand of those who engage with them that they place them at the optimum point, where the light is concentrated.

    And yet the optimal place for a piece is not always the best.

    There are others, and among these others there is that from which part of the whole is hidden, where attention is concentrated and the desire to move arises.

    Some viewers understand that they have turned their neck on their shoulder, that they are in profile, looking…

    But the piece also looks to one side, turns its back on what it knows, on the door.

    Moreover, some are in profile to the only viewer they know: clarity.

    The colour, the void, a steel plate, a beam, the plane of the wall, constitute the side of a corner, a beam elevation; they are figurative elements, and also that which, while at the same time hidden, is outlined, concentrates.


    Cristina Iglesias

    Text taken from the catalogue published by the Cómicos gallery in Lisbon on the occasion of the Cristina Iglesias solo exhibition there in 1986.Galería Cómicos Editores

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