si yo supiera a qué se debe...(2) día

  • YEAR: 2005
    DIMENSIONS: 113 x 150 cm
    TECHNICAL: photography on aluminum
    EDITION: 1/3 + 2 AP
    MODE: fotografia
  • If I knew why it is … / Wenn ich nur wüsste woran das liegt… (2).

    Year 2005. Teufelssee. Berlin

    Lately I live things, things happen to me that …

    … if I knew to what they are due… maybe I would do something about them?

    Smell and Psyche: psychological factors can play a certain role in the perception of them; disorientation, loneliness, cold, damp … important to take into account the temperature and Mood, our geographical location. We are many things depending on where we are.

    Smell is in all that is visual:

    Smell (v. Perceive) – Perceive (v. Conceive) – Feel (v. Perceive) … Lose oneself

    Smell (v. Perceive)

    The odorous fields remain. [Berrueza, Amenities, c. 1]

    They take out the things that cannot be seen by the smell. [Torres, Moral Phil., 1.20, c. 7]

    I feel an amber colour that comforts my soul. [Espinel, Maras de Obregón, desc.8]

    That resulted in an intolerable smell that tormented the breathing. [Solís, Hist. of Mexico 5, 25]

    Perceive (v. Conceive)

    Contemplate forms without matter. [Quevedo, La Provid., tr1]

    Distinguish the sweet from the bitter. [Rivadeneira, Pentecontés]

    Feel (v. Perceive)

    He suffers from fleeting impressions and inequalities, at times cold and at times hot. [Id., ibid., p. 103]

    This touched my soul. [Boscán, El Cost., 12]

    So great is the dread and sadness that consumes me. [Núñez, Empr. 4]

    Lose oneself

    It is misguided. [Quevedo, Politics of God]

    We will lose sight, we do not know where they are going. [Cáceres, Psalm 1, f.3]

  • Exhibitions

    - electric and Distant. colección olorVISUAL Contemporary Photography