Daniel G. VERBIS

serie atrapo I

  • YEAR: 1999
    DIMENSIONS: 62 x 74 x 5 cm
    TECHNICAL: threads of cotton in box of metacrilato

    A- Close your eyes. Half-close your eyes. Bury your eyes a hundred times.
    B- Don’t die. And if you do bloody well die, be or not be or be a being colourless, odourless, I adore you being. Be a pain, be a colour, be a smell.
    C- Hold back the leaves with one hand. Put a leaf in the pocket of your other trousers and never take it out, never move it from there.
    D- Regard a mimosa night. Drown myself I you he now.
    E- Stroll one afternoon by a Louise Bourgeois sculpture. Pass your finger over a door painted a thousand times. Rest your cheek on a broken window of a broken museum, another smell, another colour. A day in New York.
    F- Cover both nostrils. Can’t breathe, can’t breathe, can’t breathe… Like this for five minutes.
    G- Use second-hand clothes, second-hand cars, second-hand women. Your hands, your hands, use your hands to love, the hands clasped, drenched.
    H- to Enter where the mirror has fogged itself. You are you and what is behind the mirror.
    I- Eat some of the grass at what we call a sports event.
    J- Leaf through books, close books, bind books, recall books, deny the books.
    K- Wait for the night one summer and wait and watch and…
    L- Spit, escape, piss, shit, fuck, cry, love, row, paint, dream, yearn…
    M- See what happens if you pay no heed to a certain elementary incompatibility.
    N- Collect things made of rubber, plastic, latex, unvarnished wood, nothing and ah! varnish wood, train up a creeper, curl to anyone.
    O- Wait for things to be a hundred years old or wait a hundred years to have a thing. Or so.
    P- Kiss.
    Q- Open, look, close during five whole years a box of MANLEY matches. Wait five years to use a match from your box of MANLEY matches.
    R- Go out into the street the first minute of the first day that it starts to rain.
    S- Go into a building painted green. Go into a building painted blue. Go into any building painted any, let’s say, colloquial colour.
    T- File, sand, lick, lunar, pleasure, plural, rub, polish, loose…
    U- Put all your things in glass urns. Put a price on them. Be dead.
    V- Be a performative, decorative, alternative artist. Be an intestinal pyromaniac.
    W- Walk on the beach in winter.
    X- The breeze on any night of your life. The breeze on any night of your life. The breeze. The breeze. The laugh.
    Y- Be the first one Sunday.
    Z-Be the last, put out the light. Breathe in.


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  • un lugar para dos

  • YEAR: 2001
    DIMENSIONS: 150 x 150 cm
    TECHNICAL: acrylic on plastic canvas
    MODE: pintura
  • … for later

    This boy I’m telling you about stopped.

    He opened his glass bottle an instant

    And said – Now I’ve got you!

    I thought: air of here …

    Daniel G. Verbis


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