Dorothea VON ELBE


  • YEAR: 2009
    DIMENSIONS: 77 x 30 x 20 cm
    TECHNICAL: bronze
    EDITION: 1/3
  • There are plants that transport us to the garden and the domestic environment. Others, however, maintain intact their capacity to awaken in us the spirit of nature and its untamed hierarchy.

    The dog rose, or wild rose, has that evocative power for me and is also linked to the landscape of my birth and early childhood. There, on the open beaches of the Baltic where the plains of Western Pomerania end, the paths traced over the sands meander among wild roses. Sheltered from the strong buffetting of the wind by the bastion of the dunes, marine moisture permeates their pinkish flowers and the buds that remain when they lose their petals and make their branches bend and sway with their weight.

    The elements of this landscape bring back to me the aroma of my first memory.

    Dorothea von Elbe
    Córdoba 2009

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