• YEAR: 1992
    DIMENSIONS: 89 x 116 cm
    TECHNICAL: collage on paper
  • ‘Perhaps there’s something missing… like freshly roasted coffee beans, ground at the moment you buy it.
    Smell and savour the difference.
    There is no one blend of coffee to please all tastes.
    That’s why a superior coffee is available in three different flavour-filled blends: mild, medium and strong.
    However you like your coffee, you’ll find a magnificent blend exactly to your taste, both in its smell and in its flavour.
    An experience to enjoy.’
    An advertisement from a 1950s American magazine.
    The smell of coffee is the recollection of:
    Mornings: the awaking of the day.
    The bars of Spain with their cortados, solos, carajillos and cafés con leche.
    American western films: the cowboys always made their coffee on a fire in the open air.
    The end of a meal.
    The rhythm of grinding the coffee, when the smell is so pungent.
    Friendship: it’s always a good excuse for spending some time together.

    Edward Robbins

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