l'olor de l'alba

  • YEAR: 1996
    DIMENSIONS: 120 x 20 x 22 cm
    TECHNICAL: wood of white poplar
  • In Catalan, alba is a type of wood, poplar, but it is also the first brightening of day. The light breaks on the horizon and splashes with white the black of the night that vanishes. Reality has multiple appearances, and knowing and feeling its subtle shades stimulates and sharpens the senses.

    The poplar tree has a smell and when it is cut it is as if we were treading the still dewy earth of daybreak.

    The sculpture is hollow inside and has holes through which the smell of the poplar can be enjoyed. The power of attraction, the sensuality, the strength and the impossibility of arriving at a total knowledge and understanding of a work of art is what I am trying to express, to suggest.

    Enric Pladevall

  • Exhibitions

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