Enrique MARTY


  • YEAR: 2008
    DIMENSIONS: 183 x 23 cm.
    TECHNICAL: mixed
    EDITION: unique
  • The sculpture Untitled, 2008 is a veristic representation of a decomposing body found in a forest where the ground is soft in a boggy area near the water. Bodies left in this state, with their entrails exposed, take on the qualities of the earth, almost mimetically, and these petrified corpses near marshy clayey water evolve to a greenish tone with worms of a specific kind that I have recreated, with the intestines spilling out, giving off an exceptionally particular smell or stench, which is the ultimate motive that prompted me to make this work.

    Enrique Marty

  • Exhibitions

    - IMPACT!
    - Smell colour. Chemistry, art and education
    - SINESTESIA. colección olorVISUAL