Garikoitz CUEVAS


  • YEAR: 2004
    DIMENSIONS: 121 x 101 cm
    TECHNICAL: mixed on canvas
    MODE: pintura
  • Aromas and absurdities: a collection of phrases and verses of intentions

    1st While I walk among the pines,

    I suffocate from the manure

    which serves as fertiliser to the field,

    with a sylvan future,

    with onanistic pride.

    2nd Some years ago I had a studio

    where the pictures came out

    smelling like a chimney, like fried fish,

    like a mummified gecko.

    3rd Tonight it smells like

    discreet incense,

    mess and conjecture,

    like memories of other nights,

    like fear,

    like penance,

    like blood with onions and

    like holy mornings.

    4th And in this mood, my jail odours

    happen unexpectedly, in outstanding reoccurrence:

    Summer jasmine

    chamomile bustle in autumn,

    orange blossom with spring and

    in winter, the tides; although that happens every day.

    5th Lines, textures,

    colours at the same table,

    an invitation to breathe a new scent

    or as in dreams,

    to feel the disturbance of enjoying

    with the horizon.


  • Exhibitions

    - hipocamps