Humberto RIVAS


  • YEAR: 1984
    DIMENSIONS: 34 x 47 cm
    TECHNICAL: silver bromide
    EDITION: only piece
  • Galicia 1984,

    In Galicia I happened to drive past this image, I stopped the car and walked over to stand in front of this house. I was profoundly impressed by the way nature had taken over a building, showing the past and the present, with a clear allusion to death and the strong smell of the living plants that invaded the photographic image that I felt and was not that which I had before me.

    On account of the light I went away, and came back the following day as the sun was setting, when the light was as I wanted I to create formally and expressively what the photo expressed.

  • Exhibitions

    - esencias8
    - essential art.
    - electric and Distant. colección olorVISUAL Contemporary Photography