mimosa y río

  • YEAR: 1986
    DIMENSIONS: 60 x 73 cm
    TECHNICAL: oil on canvas
  • Description of a place

    When I painted this picture I had very much in mind the characteristics that Ernest Ventós had indicated to me… with the aim of creating a work in which, through the colour, the perfume, the aroma and the character of the place are reflected, are felt… Thus, the turquoise green of the background that gradually degrades down to its lowest part to become almost blue was for me —and this is what I wanted him to feel— …the colour of the water-landscape… and of the river … of its depths … its essence.

    The central boundary-window was to specify the central detail-motif: that is to say, the river and the plants that always emerge from and feed on its bottom and its colour… and finally… its brilliant note… its vibration…was the lemon yellow and almost-orange cadmium that they were the mimosas and the patches that gave the final central relief of the place.

    For me, this is a work that breathes and that has the vibration of the landscape of a summer afternoon.

    Jaume Genovart

  • Exhibitions

    - essències
  • YEAR: 1976
    DIMENSIONS: 82 x 82 cm
    TECHNICAL: óleo sobre tela
  • I am very unreal and it takes a lot of attention and effort for me to try to translate lines and colours into an unfamiliar dimension.
    What is envolée…? the impulse-aura? of the perfume? I can’t quite manage to relate it directly with this picture… perhaps because of the E?
    E is a man-warrior-letter known as E. Envolver would also be a certain splendour of the smile and the gaze that are their difference translatable into perfume.
    The red E man is as much earth water fruit as the acrid sober smell of the orange geraniums. Earth and gold and their lustre that is their smell. And there is also at the side the blue of the water and its divers transparent smells of emptiness and silent coolness.
    The E man is the elegant man with a different smell and with no name. Without admixtures. Terrestrial and profound like the smell of cadmium orange ink.
    Something close to the smell of a red volcano known as water full of algae and red stones.

  • Exhibitions

    - essències
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