vent i perfums del Cap de Creus

  • YEAR: 1987
    DIMENSIONS: 81 x 65 cm.
    TECHNICAL: oil on canvas
  • Wind and Perfumes of the Cap de Creus

    Give to the wind a bouquet
    on your flowered face and I will breathe in
    the scent of the paths you tread.
    Tell me the paths you tread
    which I know will take me to the sea.
    The perfume of the santalum flowers,
    of jasmine, of honeysuckle,
    cannot fly faster than the wind.
    The fragrance of wisdom does
    travel much further. To all
    points the wise man, the learnèd
    man spreads the perfume
    of his VIRTUE, of his
    But it is impossible to sleep
    some summer nights. In through
    the open window comes the
    fragrance of olive trees.
    Tomorrow, at sunrise I shall follow
    the wild harvests that will
    take me to the Cap de Creus following
    the scent of the paths trodden
    by my love.
    Another day I will climb the
    mountain of Pení that
    kind and velvety
    will invite me to a stroll.
    This year will present itself
    all green, mossy and generous
    like a landscape
    in Normandy.
    Another effluvium there will make us
    see and feel full of the gold
    of the broom, the sempervivum
    and the gorse.
    It is impossible to outdo
    nature when she starts to paint,
    when she invents her celestial
    landscapes we cannot remain insensitive
    to the temperamental fascination
    of Cadaqués, a landscape that would
    not exist without the fragrance, the aroma,
    the smells and the colours made to
    our measure for our earthly
    delight. Each ray of light
    is the caress of an immense
    lingering look.


  • Exhibitions

    - smell of Cadaqués. Olfactory perceptions of the olorVISUAL collection