simbiosi. natura i éter

  • YEAR: 1988
    DIMENSIONS: 60 x 47 cm
    TECHNICAL: oil on wood
  • We might define perfume as something ethereal, perceptible only to one of our senses: smell.
    When we perceive the aroma, it is impossible to see it, hear it, touch it or taste it. Nevertheless, its fumes transport us to something we have touched, seen, heard and tasted.
    Here is where its great mystery lies, in the fact of it’s being something abstract that concretizes sensations we cannot revive in any other way.
    It is thus difficult to represent this extremely subtle element visually.
    In this picture I have tried to condense the plant element (the raw material of perfume) in an old bell jar that used to be full of dry leaves and now, in a perfect symbiosis, condenses aromas, freshness, memories, past and present.

  • Exhibitions

    - essències10
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